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School-based tutors

During placements, Exeter trainees benefit from the focused support of two School-based Tutors: a Lead Mentor who works as an expert partner, and a Reflective Mentor who develops and challenges the trainee's thinking about teaching in ways that can be used to enhance performance.

The Partnership office

The Partnership Office deals with all sorts of work related to ITE and the partnerships between the Graduate School of Education and schools.

School-based work placements

Placements are of a consistently high quality. Trainees welcome the length of time that they have in each of their contrasting placement schools and the opportunity to craft their skills of teaching. As trainees become more experienced, their analysis of pupils’ learning becomes more detailed, instinctive and timely within lessons. Trainees, therefore, become highly skilled at critically reflecting on their own teaching and the impact it has on pupils’ learning”.

Ofsted Inspection Report 2017.

Our partnerships with schools provide exceptional opportunities for School Based Work. You will be working within at least two schools during the course and all of our partner schools have specially trained mentors who will assist you in learning to teach. These colleagues are essential to your development as a teacher and will help you to develop both classroom skills and reflective and evaluative strategies. Together with schools, we will provide you with opportunities, training and support.

The University works with trusts and partner schools to further develop and enrich initial teacher education and currently has partnership agreements with over 250 schools across most parts of the South West (Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset). The University of Exeter also works with Primary Schools in London to provide summer placements for some Primary Trainees. Trainees have the opportunity to find out more and apply for these places in the autumn term of the PGCE programme.

We work with placement schools in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset. Trainees attend St Luke’s campus in the Autumn term and are then placed in 2 different schools for the rest of the academic year. Trainees have the opportunity to identify regions or towns within the partnership area in which they would like to be placed. This allows trainees to live at home or move to the area their placements will be in.  Many trainees have the flexibility to move to different regions, due to relatives or friends being able to provide accommodation. Trainees are encouraged to inform the Partnership Office about these details to support the placing process.

There are 5 seminar days on campus throughout the year once on placement, offering the opportunity to share experiences and good practice. Trainees are expected to travel to attend these on campus and can claim a contribution towards expenses for these days if they are living away from Exeter.

Our accommodation office can offer advice regarding finding accommodation for the Autumn term. Many trainees will be placed further afield than Exeter for the whole of their school-based work, which offers a diverse range of experiences, and will need to find accommodation in that area. Once registered, we provide an accommodation database, which lists many accommodation options previously used by our trainees. Many trainees live together during their time on placement and some live with school staff.

Please feel free to contact us if you are a school who would like to apply to be in partnership with University of Exeter Initial Teacher Training.