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Cornwall research impact

Here is a selection of the broad range of inter-disciplinary research taking place at our Cornwall campuses that's making a local, national and international impact.

Smartline project to combat isolation during lockdown

Researchers based at the ECEHH in Truro are developing a guide to using online devices to reduce feelings of isolation during COVID-19 lockdown. Read more.

Working with Cornwall’s farmers to enhance farmland pollination

Researchers from the ESI are working with Cornwall’s land owners, managers and advisors to enhance farmland pollination and pollinator conservation. Read more.

Determining the genetic causes of type 2 diabetes

Our researchers in Truro are working to identify a number of factors that influence the onset of type 2 diabetes to highlight areas of focus for disease prevention treatment. Read more.

Endangered sea turtle populations boosted

University of Exeter scientists are driving research that is leading to successful conservation outcomes for global sea turtle populations. Read more.

The First World War in the Classroom

Dr Catriona Pennell and Dr Ann-Marie Einhaus worked with secondary–level teachers of History and English Literature from across England to explore the aims, methods and topics connected with teaching the First World War in the light of the war’s centenaries. Read more.

Preserving Cornwall's history with Telegraph Museum

The Connecting Cornwall project celebrated Cornwall’s leading role in telecommunication history, and the lives of the workers who operated its cable network. Read more.

POLPART - How citizens influence politics

The POLPART project aims to examine political participation across new and older democracies. It is especially concerned to understand what motivates individuals to participate voting and protest. Read more.

Coral reef research leads to new protective legislation

Research on coral reef ecosystems has helped generate new legislation in Belize and Bonaire that bans the fishing of parrotfish as well as annual catch and size limits for parrotfish caught in US Caribbean fisheries. Read more.

Collaborative study will help transform pollen forecasting

New research is hoping to improve pollen forecasts for allergy sufferers across the UK, with a novel approach to pollen monitoring. Read more.

Solar energy: Incorporating clean technologies

Study into applied solar energy and how this may be incorporated into building, used as energy storage and integrated with other clean technologies. Read more.

BlueHealth: £6m research on health benefits of coasts

BlueHealth combines expertise from seven European countries, led by Lora Fleming, Director of the European Centre for Environment and Human Health. Read more.

Mitigating climate risks with Cornish winemakers

Dr Ilya Maclean and Dr Jonathan Mosedale are using microclimate modelling to support Cornish winemakers in a NERC-funded project. Read more.

Influencing UK energy policy by working with Government

Research at the University of Exeter has helped improve energy sustainability, security and affordability. Read more.

Promoting sustainable fishing and conservation in Peru

Our researchers are working with fishing communities and conservation organisations in Peru to promote sustainable fishing and the conservation of marine biodiversity. Read more.

Riviera produce

The ESI is working with Cornwall’s leading vegetable growing company to increase its profitability and sustainability by providing the best environment for bees.

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